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Why Choose A Hybrid Bike When Starting Out?

If you ask me that whether to buy a road bike or a mountain bike as your first bike, my answers is a hybrid bike. No, it’s not a ‘granny bike’ in any way. It’s a ‘hybrid’ between a mountain bike and a road bike.

Why Choose A Hybrid Bike When Starting Out

1. Hybrid tires:

The tires have both rough outer tread to deal with cross-country demands and a smoother inner to cope with road riding. Although the hybrid does have its limitations on extreme rocky terrain, but the tires are robust to get you down a rough track with a good degree of steepness.

2. Choice between 700c and 26-inch wheels:

Hybrid bikes with 700c wheels are more suitable for road riding. While hybrid bike with 26-inch wheels are more suitable for off-road riding.

3. Comfort factor:

Riding a hybrid bike with flat bars is more comfortable than road bikes if you are starting expand your milelage and do not want to experience too much long distance cycling aches and pains.

4. Triple chain ring and compact chain ring:

A compact and triple gearing setup contrast with a ‘standard’ 52-42 chain ring setup you can get from the peg road bikes. It’s difficult to change it on road bikes if you are a beginner.

5. Disc brakes:

Not all hybrid bikes come with disc brakes. But disc brakes work very well in the wet and stand up to harsh, wet weather. In addition, disc brakes also have a big advantage for women that you don’t have to stretch small hand round gear or brake levers.

A best hybrid bike really is the best choice if you’re a beginner to cycling and just want to be both fast and comfortable. And what to do next to choose a good hybrid bike you can afford.

My Recommend:

1. Diamondback 2013 Insight STI-1 Performance Hybrid Bike
2. Diamondback 2013 Women’s Vital Two Sport Hybrid Bike
3. Schwinn Men’s Network 7 Speed Bicycle
4. Schwinn Men’s Midmoor Bicycle

Especially for women:

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed Hybrid Urban Commuter Road Bicycle

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